The evolution of mobile networks is constantly accelerating. A few decades ago, communication technologies took many years to be standardised, developed, and deployed. Today they do so in much less time due to the immense number of innovative resources and technological advances which facilitate complex developments and open doors to new stakeholders.

Satellite communications are one of the key players in the deployment of current and future mobile networks. This implies the continuous collaboration of traditional and indispensable entities and new emerging stakeholders in expanding 5G and enabling 6G networks. New professional profiles such as experts in Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, Cybersecurity, among many others, now play a significant role in the development of 5G and 6G Terrestrial Communications converged with Space Technologies, and their essential implication has only just begun.

We invite satellite and mobile network operators, hardware suppliers and manufacturers, industry associations, research centres and start-ups with a keen interest in ground-breaking innovations regarding communication technologies, to jointly create a seamless, secure, and integrated European 5G & 6G architecture.
We work with the European space industry and institutions, with the European Commission and a wide array of Member States and agencies to build upon their 5G and future 6G initiatives and align our efforts.

We fuel innovation through our unique Business Incubation network; we focus on vertical market sectors targeted by 5G and 6G such as transport, public safety, environmental protection, data and media services; we develop testbeds and trials for standardization, interoperability, new applications and business cases. Space for 5G & 6G: We promote the benefits of space technologies and demonstrate the added value that satellites bring to 5G and 6G.