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Sustainable connectivity in space

The world’s first mission to remove several small telecommunications satellites from orbit once they reach the end of their operational service is about to start building and testing its prototype spacecraft.

Opportunity: Open-Source Satellite Constellation Simulator

The communications satellite manufacturing industry is going through a period of profound change. For decades, the primary source of sector revenue has been from building systems designed to operate in geostationary orbits. Within the last few years however, the dominant source of sector innovation and growth potential has been from systems developed for operation in Non-Geostationary Orbits (NGSO), both Medium-Earth Orbit (MEO) and Low-Earth Orbit (LEO).

ESA spurs investment in space entrepreneurs

Dozens of people who have set up start-up companies and fledgling businesses are pitching their ideas to investors today, as part of an ESA Investor Forum held in Berlin.

How space is connecting cars

Today’s connected cars are dynamic, updateable devices – and, because they can be updated, they are well equipped to become tomorrow’s cars. ESA is working with European carmakers to ensure that connected vehicles harness the full potential of space.

Opportunity: Digital Connected Globe

ESA would like to announce the launch and the initial phase of the “Digital Connected Globe” initiative, which will be issued under the ARTES Programme. It offers an opportunity for companies to express their interest to engage in the Digital Twin ecosystem activities.  

Pacis 3 thermal model successfully proves its capacity to withstand heat in latest tests

The Pacis 3 Tx active antenna has sailed through its next major milestone on its path to validation for SpainSat NG. Airbus Defence and Space has successfully tested the Active Antenna Thermal Model at the IberEspacio facilities in Madrid. The latest testing process has demonstrated that the design and thermal hardware mean that the model is capable of extracting heat from the antenna to keep the amplifiers within their operational range.