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ESA Director outlines role of ESA in development of Government Satellite Communications in Europe

Following on from the success of the Space Summit in Toulouse (France), the European Space Agency (ESA)’s Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications, Elodie Viau, spoke at the GOVSATCOM 22 conference for EU Defence and Security in Luxembourg. There she outlined ESA’s engagement in security and safety on Earth and in space, and in supporting the European Commission's Secure Connectivity project.

Micro-geostationary satellite enters design phase

A small but powerful European telecommunications satellite – the first of a series – is to be developed under a contract signed today between ESA and SWISSto12, an innovative company based in Renens, Switzerland.

Opportunity: People, Planet, Prosperity

The Thematic Call, in line with ESA’s vision to accelerate the use of space and the Director General’s Agenda 2025, targets space projects enabling “action beyond observation” within the vast ESG market described above where space technologies, specifically satellite telecommunications and 5G technologies, are key enablers.


ARTES AGILE is a new initiative from ESA aimed at facilitating short term high-risk technology developments, critical in defining the scope and development of future products and services for the satcom sector and vital in assessing the viability of a product development plan.

5th ScyLight Workshop on Optical Communication

This is an annual event for European and Canadian Industries as well as ESA technical experts to showcase the latest developments in the domain of optical and quantum communication technologies under the ScyLight umbrella and beyond. It will be a unique opportunity to present your results and gain an overview of ongoing activities. The event will give you a chance to discuss, network and exchange with colleagues from both ESA and industry.

4S Symposium

The programme will cover technical sessions, such as mission and system analysis, applications such as Earth observation, science, telecommunication and navigation, new technologies at system, sub-system and component level. A special session will be dedicated to small satellites access to space, addressing launchers and platform cross-compatibility.